Velox Manufacturing Inc. | FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Velox been around?

Ryan Batke founded Velox in February 2016 after more than 12 years of experience in the power chair manufacturing sector of the rehab medical equipment industry. Ryan spent five years speaking and working with clients, and more than seven years collaborating with dealers, to ensure Velox’s offerings are unparalleled in the industry.

Who builds the Velox power chair?

Ryan Batke designed the Velox power chair based on 12+ years of first-hand industry knowledge. Velox is based in Langley, B.C., and every power chair is proudly built and assembled in Canada.

How is the Velox power chair so strong and durable?

The Velox power chair was designed and engineered with the oversight and guidance of Form3, an industrial design group in downtown Vancouver, B.C. Velox worked directly with a team of over-qualified engineers to ensure that the Velox power chair would be able to keep up with the daily demands of your lifestyle.

We built the power chair from the ground up with quality and strength in mind, and went through many finite element analyses (FEAs) before we moved the power chair into the prototyping phase.

For example, the battery tray can withstand up to 1 ton (2,000 pounds) of weight placed directly on top of it. The seat width adjustment sliders can handle 350 pounds of weight, and the seat frame can support 1,300 pounds.

Why are these chairs so easy to service?

After listening to many users and dealer technicians, Velox realized that chairs from its competitors are difficult and expensive to service, causing headaches for you and your chair dealership.

After extensive research and consultations, we created a power chair that’s convenient for riders and easy for dealerships to service, saving labor costs and time. For example, technicians can change the Velox power chair’s batteries while a client remains in the chair. The technician simply needs one wrench to unhook the battery terminals because we designed tool-less support covers and inner brackets.

What separates the Velox power chair from other power chairs?

While the Velox power chair comes with many design and technical features that set it above all other power chairs, two unique features are unprecedented in the industry.

Velox has developed a patented CLOUD Suspension system that you won’t find in any of today’s other power chairs. Using a vibrometer, tests compared the Velox power chair to the top three big brands. The study showed that when riding a Velox power chair, clients feel 50% less vibrations for the smoothest and most comfortable ride on the market.

During real-world beta tests, 100% of test drivers concluded that the Velox had a smooth ride unlike any other power chair they had tried. One beta driver even started laughing and said while he could see the bumps on the road, he couldn’t feel them at all when on a Velox chair.

The second unique feature is Velox’s seat adjustment system. Velox has developed an “Auto Reaction” seat width adjustment system designed with chair dealers in mind. We know it takes time to resize a seat and we built a chair to make this as quick as possible. By loosening a handful of bolts, the technician only needs to pull on one side of the seat frame. The chair’s auto reaction automatically pushes the opposite side out. This quickly and conveniently achieves the perfect measurement every time in 1-inch increments.

Where can I get a User Manual?

Download our user manual here.

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact our team at